3 Key Ways To Follow Jesus

You've probably heard it often, people saying that they are not 'Christians', but that they are 'followers of Jesus'. It's easy to give belief in Christ a name, but what's in a name? You may not want to call yourself a Christian in order not to associate yourself with certain Christian groups. But how about … Continue reading 3 Key Ways To Follow Jesus


What Reading Plan is Best?

There are tons of Bible reading plans out there. They come in all shapes and sizes because the Bible is so diverse that you can read it in all kinds of ways. So what is the best reading plan? Well, it's kind of up to you :). But to help you out, here are a … Continue reading What Reading Plan is Best?

4 Reasons to Read the Whole Bible

We're coming up on a new year, which gives us a brilliant opportunity; reading the whole Bible in one year! But why would you do that? It's a long and pretty book. Honestly, it can get a bit boring at times and be difficult to understand the use. But having read the Bible from front … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Read the Whole Bible


Bible Reading Plan for 2017

We've developed the 'Living in the Word' Bible Reading Plan! Starting January 1st, 2017, we would like you to join us in reading the whole Bible in one year. Sound like something you would like to do or maybe try? Let's do this together! Through the links below you can find an English and Dutch … Continue reading Bible Reading Plan for 2017